Iraq War Tally

August 19, 2010 at 5:54 pm Leave a comment

 Let’s see how the war hawks did:

Weapons of Mass Destruction discovered:  0
Emminent Attacks from Iraq discovered:  0
Links to 9/11 attacks:  0
Terrorist training camps discovered:  0
US Soldiers dead:  4,400
British & allied soldiers killed:  318
US Soleries injured:  30,000+
Total $ spent (so far):  $750 billion
We still have the costs of 50,000 troops stationed there in training & support roles; and we have the costs to wind down what is on the way home; and the costs of physical care, mental care, and rehab. 
And the cost of assuring all our allies that we are right and they should trust us…and then being as wrong as you can be.  What a colossal waste of American lives and money. 
Between funding the bonuses of Goldman Sachs and Citibank VP’s in the TARP plan (700 billion) and the Iraq war (will be well over 1 trillion), I can scarcely think of more money ever being spent to accomplish so little. 

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