Good Ole Arizona Cops

May 26, 2010 at 3:19 pm 1 comment

Officer Marcus Jackson

Abel Moreno called 911 when a man began assaulting his girlfriend.  He alleged [that] a Charlotte police officer was trying to fondle his girlfriend after a traffic stop. [The officer then arrested both of them].

Several things then happened. Five other women came forward to allege that the officer, identified as [a sack of shit named] Marcus Jackson, now 26, had tried to molest them, too. Moreno was released after investigators debunked the resisting arrest charge. So was his girlfriend. 

Marcus Jackson was fired and faces 11 counts of sexual battery, extortion and interfering with emergency communication. Police Chief [For now] Rodney Monroe admitted that Jackson should never have been hired in the first place because of previous charges related to a restraining order filed by an ex-girlfriend. The local 911 system is under review because Moreno’s call wasn’t acted upon.      

Not that all cops are like this.  But – there is a tendency for people like Jackson to become cops.  This personality is attracted to the power because he wants to abuse it.  And knowing that, there is a responsibility for the leadership to keep it in check.  And there’s a responsibility for the voters and lawmakers to keep it in check. In Arizona, all three groups are failing.   

It’s not just Arizona cops.  It’s everywhere.  Check the local news in Dallas or Houston and you’ll see cops abusing minorities at every 4th traffic stop.  That’s why you better be careful how much power you give police.  This cop who felt he could do whatever he wanted – to the extent of groping/molesting women in front of their boyfriends.  

 Right now, conservatives may not really care since they’re only abusing/harassing minorities.  But…most every projection has ‘white’ as a minority in the very near future (it’s already a majority-minority in several states).  So the lesson is: Be careful turning a blind eye to cops who abuse minorities!  There are scumbag cops (like Marcus Jackson) being employed by people who look the other way (like Rodney Monroe).  And they’re in your city right now.

 As for Abel Moreno – He was arrested as an illegal immigrant.  Yes, he did the right thing in reporting the piece of shit, power-abusing, morally deprived law-enforcement official.  Yes, this is why you have to be careful how much power you give cops and government agents – because cops abuse power.   


“Now I’m unemployed,” Moreno said, speaking in Spanish through an interpreter. “I don’t have any money, not even for rent, not even for my phone — anything.”   
This young man has been in the USA for over 6 years and still doesn’t speak English. He got here at age 23 (at the latest).  By age 29…he should have learned the language.  Six years of immersion is plenty.     
It’s illegal immigrants like Abel that bring on apathy and antipathy to all immigrants, not just illegals.  The illegals who immigrate here and then live here for years tax-free and never even bother to learn the language – they get no sympathy from the left or the right.      
Most people don’t expect immigrants to know the language before they get here, but after SIX years??  C’mon.  When you live here tax-free/illegally, and then you combine that with an avoidance of learning English….not only do people not care if you get deported…they wonder what’s taking so long to get you the hell out of here. This is from a fairly liberal point of view: Get Abel Moreno out of here on the first bus.   




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