Non-Vatican Catholic Bishop? No Such Thing

May 17, 2010 at 7:40 pm Leave a comment

The Vatican’s U.S. attorney, Jeffrey Lena, contends that the 1962 document, “Crimen Sollicitationis,” did not preclude clergy from notifying secular authorities if they learned that a priest was sexually abusing a minor. Lena also maintains that U.S. bishops do not work directly for the Vatican, and that legally the Vatican is not liable for their actions. 

Bishops do not report to the Vatican?  If that’s the case, then wouldn’t logic then dictate that the priests who report to the Bishops are also not reporting to the Vatican and therefore neither are the church-goers who are following their priest? 

Look here, it’s plain and it’s simple – A Bishop that does not work for the Vatican is called…an Episcopalian Bishop.  If he’s called a Catholic Bishop, then he’s working for the Vatican.  Done and Done. 

Had they cleaned house back when it first started occuring, perhaps things would be different.  Had they loosened their grip on the ridiculous (and flawed from very founding of the church) belief that women are not equal to men, perhaps they could have easily ousted these clergy in favor of other replacements.   But instead of ‘fessing up to a few violations and settling the few suits and the bad press…their apathy allowed it to continue on and on, in different countries, and in different decades.  And now the number of confirmed violations has ballooned.  And as a double-whammy to their pockets, many followers who are  disgusted by the lack of action have stopped or slowed contributions on Sunday.


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