Bye Bye Newsweek

May 6, 2010 at 5:25 pm Leave a comment

I had subscribed to Newsweek for several years, but when it came up for renewal late in 2009, I let it run out.  Apparently I wasn’t the only who thought it had gone downhill. 

It’s lost so many readers that it’s bleeding $2 million per month.  It’s got far too many opinion articles like “Why it’s a good idea to charge for Facebook” and other banal topics instead of actual news on what’s going on around us – which, as pointed out in this article, there are plenty of blogs out there for opinion.  It used to have one or two opinion articles, located on the back couple of pages, that were extremely well written.  Now we have vacous opinions proffered by….whoever.  Fine – but I can get that for free on the ‘Net – no need to pay for a subscription. 

Newsweek photography used to be heralded for bringing images to us, not just words.  Pictures – they’re still worth a thousand words, right?  Now the essays/articles are more likely to have a banner across the top and a picture of the author. 

Hopefully they’ll fix it and I’ll be buying it again.  Until then, I’d miss the cartoons, but Cagle has those available online: 

As the fabled magazine faces a fire sale, the Pulitzer Prize-winning editor faces criticism for “absentee” management.

In a year and a half, he boasted in an interview at the time, he’d already upped the amount of text in the magazine by 30 percent and reduced the number of photos.

Were readers really clamoring for more gray space in print magazines? And more opinion pieces when the blogosphere abounds in opinion?

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