A Tea Party “What If”

April 27, 2010 at 5:30 pm Leave a comment

From a great article by Tim Wise:

Imagine that hundreds of black protesters were to descend upon Washington DC and Northern Virginia, just a few miles from the Capitol and White House, armed with AK-47s, assorted handguns, and ammunition. And imagine that some of these protesters —the black protesters — spoke of the need for political revolution, and possibly even armed conflict in the event that laws they didn’t like were enforced by the government? Would these protesters — these black protesters with guns — be seen as brave defenders of the Second Amendment, or would they be viewed by most whites as a danger to the republic? What if they were Arab-Americans? Because, after all, that’s what happened recently when white gun enthusiasts descended upon the nation’s capital, arms in hand, and verbally announced their readiness to make war on the country’s political leaders if the need arose.
   — Read the whole thing here: http://www.alternet.org/story/146616/what_if_the_tea_party_were_black

As someone who is ‘pro-gun’, let me also say that the “guns-out” behavior of the Tea Party (and of last year’s ‘anti-Obama’ church-goers) is the best way to get semi-automatic weapons outlawed.  As someone who is for only a limited amount of gun-control, I think the best way to maintain the status quo is to KEEP YOUR GUNS PUT AWAY.  As soon as you start talking about using guns, brandishing them, and talking about using them against America – you are (A) scaring the public which will result in tighter gun laws and (B) using the threat of violence in an attempt to obtain political goals.  As Jeff Foxworthy might say: If youuuuuuuuuuu are marching around outside with a weapon shouting about overthrowing the American government….you might be a terrorist. 

Which gets us into the V for Vendetta concept.  Are you a terrorist, or a valiant rebel fighting for a better world?  It all depends on which end of the gun you’re on. 

And for anyone who seems to think you have to a Muslim or an Arab:  Timothy McVeigh showed you, and Hutaree showed you, that you can be white and be a terrorist.  You can be Christian and be a terrorist.  Most Americans are probably more at risk from a right-wing white Christian nutcase than a right-wing Arab Muslim nutcase.  These conservatives are more likely to walk into a church and start shooting.  More likely to run us off the road for not sharing their same viewpoint. 

Hutaree: Nine alleged members of a Christian militia group that was girding for battle with the Antichrist were charged Monday with plotting to kill a police officer and slaughter scores more by bombing the funeral — all in hopes of touching off an uprising against the U.S. government.

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