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Moving PDC Emulator – Disable NTP

If you move your PDC Emulator, then you are also (typically) moving your NTP server.   When you do that, don’t forget to reconfigure the Time Service on the previous PDC Emulator!  It’s just one w32tm command and then a restart of w32time. 

Small, but problematic if you forget to change it after migrating this FSMO role (on Windows Server 2003).  This is most like required unless you have an NTP hardware device in use.

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Supreme Court permits pollution by US businesses

More great work by the current conservative-led Supreme Court.  More great deregulation.  It worked out so well when we deregulated the financial systems.  Why not deregulate pollution? 

Some people ask why Congressional bills have to be 1,000 pages.  Here’s why: 

Thousands of the nation’s largest water polluters are now outside the Clean Water Act’s reach because the Supreme Court has left uncertain which waterways are protected by that law, according to interviews with regulators. 

As a result, some businesses are [happily] declaring that the law no longer applies to them [because they can go back to cheap process of dumping toxins into rivers]. And pollution rates are rising.

Companies that have spilled oil, carcinogens and dangerous bacteria into lakes, rivers and other waters are not being prosecuted, according to Environmental Protection Agency regulators working on those cases, who estimate that more than 1,500 major pollution investigations have been discontinued or shelved in the last four years.

The Clean Water Act (1972) was intended to end dangerous water pollution by regulating every major polluter. But today, regulators may be unable to prosecute as many as half of the nation’s largest known polluters because officials lack jurisdiction or because proving jurisdiction would be overwhelmingly difficult or time consuming, according to midlevel officials.

About 117 million Americans get their drinking water from sources fed by waters that are vulnerable to exclusion from the Clean Water Act, according to E.P.A. reports. And even in situations in which regulators believe they still have jurisdiction, [Corporate America] has delayed cases for years by arguing that the ambiguity precludes prosecution.  

Yes, Corporations and Businesses always have the citizens best interest at heart…

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