Computer: Create Thy Self!

March 23, 2010 at 3:22 pm Leave a comment

Is this the beginning of the end for humanity, as computers begin to rise up against us, a la Battlestar Galactica or The Matrix?  Probably not.  I’ve seen too many “robots take over” movies, I’m sure of it.  But still…freaky?  If it helps make robots, let’s get after it.  Because when I’m in my 70’s / 80’s, I want a robot to help me do stuff!

 Future Computer Chips Could Assemble Themselves

The reason computers have relentlessly advanced in power over the years is because circuitry has grown ever smaller over time, allowing Intel and others to pack more onto microchips. However, these features are now getting so small that soon the process that has been used to make them for the last 50 years will no longer work.

The problem now is that chip features are significantly smaller than the wavelength of the visible light used to make them. The microchip industry has developed a number of tricks to get light to generate patterns smaller than its own wavelength, but these will no longer work as scales get below roughly 40 nanometers.

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