Like a herd

March 23, 2010 at 5:00 pm Leave a comment

The Democratic representatives represent a very diverse group of independent-thinking Democratic voters, so it’s not surprising when all Democratic leaders do not vote the same.  It’s a heterogenous group. 

The Republicans are a homogenous group and it’s also not suprising when they tend to vote in single-minded “herd” mentality.  But how…out of 178 Republicans…does not one of them break the lock-stop marching orders?  I watched the health-care debates for hours and as was pointed out numerous times – the things the Republicans want in the reform are almost all accounted for.   A bill can’t be perfect for everyone, of course.  But still – not 1?  Moooooooo.   Baaaaaaaaaa.  What a herd. 

They sat back in their chairs for 8 years and drank from the lap of luxury.  Health Care Reform during Republican majority?  Never even mentioned.  Abortion changes during Republican majority, Republican president, and Conservative Supreme Court?  Not even touched.  Now that Americans voted for expanded Health Care (see presidential election of 2008, and see how often healthcare reform was promised on Obama’s campaign, and see how many votes Obama collected), the Republican party still sits on their haunches and merely tries to put sticks in the spokes of wheel of progress.  The party of “No”.


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