Televised Healthcare Debate – I

February 25, 2010 at 7:49 pm Leave a comment

The GOP is saying that Americans object to the mandate that you must purchase health care and that since they object, they shouldn’t be forced to buy that insurance.  

What a bunch of bullsh.  Americans don’t want to buy car insurance, either.  So why don’t the GOP senators remove that?  People who do NOT buy insurance will STILL get sick/old.  And you cannot predict illness or injury (like a car wreck that just happens in an instant) for yourself or your family.  So when they do get sick and hurt and they “chose” not to buy insurance…the cost for all of us who have insurance goes UP.  So they need to just say “Look, my campaign was funded pretty heavily by the insurance execs and being in Washington is really great and I want to stay here.”  

They don’t want to pay taxes, either.  But you need to – and why?  Because we all have to share.  We all have to share the roads, we share the water systems, we share the protection buy the army, and we share the rising costs and decreasing coverage of insurance.


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