Pro-Life FOR Health Care Reform

November 9, 2009 at 5:47 pm Leave a comment

The pro-life movement should be supporting Obama and the Democrats in the Health Care Reform movement.  After all, this plan removes one major obstacle for the Pro-Life movement.  If the federal government takes away a women’s right to choose, then the high cost of medical and pharmaceutical services for the mother and baby must be considered.  Unless, it’s already covered by Obama’s health care reform. 

Conservatives (specifically the anti-abortionists) should stop to consider their goals and then embrace health care reform.

The anti-abortion platform would still have to account for other massive increases in government social spending that goes along with protecting and monitoring the unborn life as well as the newborn.  If the mother is going to drink and smoke and eat nothing but McD’s because she doesn’t want the baby…then really, you have to ask if its worth the high financial cost and tax burden.   Conclusive research shows that leads to medical problems and behavioral problems.  Caring for the unwanted is admirable, but it results in much higher taxes.  I don’t see a lot of people lining up to adopt babies from inner-city women who smoke and do drugs (I certainly haven’t seen many white conservatives in this line).  But – the anti-abortionists will have to have a plan to do something with the kids once they’re here.  And if all the Bristol’s and Levi’s in suburbia drop out of high school and forego college and start raising kids at 16, that has a financial cost to society. 

That anti-abortion platform uses a lot of tax dollars.

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