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Roy Williams: “I’m just a blocker, a catcher and runner and just trying to do all of them in 60 minutes of play. I just run to my spot and catch the ball. That’s what I feel my role is right now, blocking downfield or catching the ball when it comes my way,” Williams said.

Uhh – that’s the role of every receiver.  It almost sounds like you’re complaining, I’m hoping that’s not the case.  Block, catch, and run.  Enjoy your job, enjoy your bank account. 

Ben Maller: If Roy Williams doesn’t produce in a large way, the Cowboys won’t make the playoffs this season. 

Not true.  The Cowboys are a running team now, pending the return of Jones.  Perhaps not a running team like the Ravens of the past few years, but much more of a running team than they’ve been in recent history.  He needs to contribute and he needs to contribute like a #1 WR, but he doesn’t need to put the team on his back, he doesn’t need to be T.O. or Fitzgerald.  The Cowboys have plenty of people with the ability to catch a pass.  Between Williams, Witten and Crayton (plus Barber & Choice can catch), the Cowboys have plenty of hands to share in receptions.   The Cowboys have 2 WR’s in the top 25 in terms of yards, as well as a TE who is top 5 in yards and top 5 in receptions.  Considering that Romo is not in the top 10 in terms of passing yards, it says that these 3 receivers are doing an adequate job.  Room for improvement, always. But they’re not stinking it up.

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