Rooting Against Crabtree

October 1, 2009 at 6:48 pm Leave a comment

I am cheering for the 49’ers like I’ve never cheered them before. 

As a Cowboys fan, I almost never cheer them at all (only when they play another NFC East opponent).  But I’m cheerin’ for ’em now!  I cheer for them every week because I want them to succeed without Michael Crabtree.   They’re 2 and 1 and they lost in the final seconds of the game against Minnesota.

Nobody ever had any sympathy for him, none of us have sympathy for rookie holdouts.  But now that we’re in October, I am full-on rooting for failure.  I hope they don’t sign him.  I HOPE he goes back into the draft next year.  I hope he sits out a year and gets drafted in the 3rd round in 2010.   I would be tuned in to the 2010 draft cheering each time he gets skipped. 

Rodney Harrison (NBC) says of Crabtree “”the biggest idiot I’ve ever seen in the National Football League”.  Scoop Jackson (ESPN) opens his article on Crabtree by saying “Ever wonder what it feels like to be jackass?” 

I hope the 49’ers say “Let us know when you’re ready to sign, because $20 million is our final offer.”  Here’s part of Jackson’s thoughts, read the whole article at ESPN:

The 49ers were supposed to need Crabtree. They were supposed to draft him, pay him stacks, discover how supremely talented and gifted he was, succeed with him instantly — and then make him the cornerstone of the franchise.

But it’s hard to hold a team hostage when it is already doing what you claim your client will single-handedly help it do: win. And that is one thing no one in Crabtree’s camp expected. Especially not right out of the gate. Not like this. And along with those two unexpected wins is one stat that can’t escape notice: Of the 256 players selected in the 2009 NFL draft, 255 are signed.


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