Open Letter to Burgess

September 11, 2009 at 8:53 pm Leave a comment

Open Letter to Michael Burgess (R-TX)

Seemingly every year my health care costs continue eating into my income.  Every couple of years the premiums go up, and with that the co-pays and deductibles also go up.  I am getting less AND paying more for it.  
Last year my deductibles increased 500%, my office co-pay by 50%, prescription co-pay by 100%, annual checkups for my children are no longer covered past the age of TWO, my dental insurance was completely removed and replaced by a “discount” program.  In exchange for all these cuts…my premiums increased more than 17%, Michael.  That blows away the CPI.  How can you say that we do not need reform? 
And when I need it most, the insurance companies are allowed to simply reject me.  They can even reject me just because I took a cancer screening test under my previous insurer. (Doctor said it’s possible it’s cancer and if so, early detection is the key. I take the test, it’s negative, covered by insurance, no problem.  Until years later the next insurance company considers me a risk and rejects coverage and I spend my retirement savings in just a couple of years). 
How you can stand up as a representative of the people of Texas and say that you hope everything stays the same is shocking. 
How is it that there is no reform offered by the Republicans?  Your inability to propose any other solutions is a message that you believe this system does not need change.  It appears to me that the only reason for this viewpiont is because you’re simply being contrarian to everything a Democrat proposes. 
For example, tax credits to purchase private insurance: When a Republican says it, it’s a great idea. 
Another exmampe: You also say you have many questions about the details of the proposal.  The same proposal that you and other lawmakers have complained is TOO long and TOO detailed. 
It’s a decent health care system…IF you’re between 25 and 50 and employed by a medium-to-large company. 
If you’re not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. 

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