California, A Shining Example

July 20, 2009 at 9:10 pm Leave a comment

In California, 21 out of the last 25 years have been led by a Republican governor.  Going back to when Ronnie took office in the 60’s, there has only been 2 Democratic Governors.  We can no doubt look to California to illustrate conservative spending and low taxes on citizens.   

 Let’s see:
In California, the Governor releases his budget to the state legislature on January 10th (of each and every year).  

California has the sixth highest income tax rate per capita, according to the Tax Foundation.

The next biggest source of funds is the sales tax — at 8.25 percent, the highest in the country. 

California has over 400 “special funds” that also raise revenue.

IOU: California plans to issue a total of $3 billion by the end of July.

California has the worst credit rating of any of America’s 50 states.

Low taxes… that’s very interesting.  In addition, Cali has over 400 “special funds”.  Sounds to me like they just say stuff.   The worst credit rating, a whopping deficit, and high taxes (which are naturally still increasing to fight the deficit).

If this is the effect of them managing finances in the most populous state in the country (the 10th largest economy in the world), can you imagine if they ran the whole country?  It’d be a financial mess.  Oh, wait…


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