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PETA is not doing anything to further its cause by criticizing people swatting disease-carrying bugs like flies.  Your goal to distance yourself from the average American, make your group seem like a bunch of lunatics we can’t identify with, make us wonder if you are in touch with reality – it’s working.  Criticizing the President for swatting a fly.  PETA is on the way to becoming the Al Sharpton of animal causes.  Stop over-reacting to every minor imperfection that you don’t like. 

As for Obama going for a fly on TV: Yup, that’s a brave move.  Missing two or three times would have been a catastrophe.  Smushin’ it on the first try – nice work!  Getting up an getting a bug catcher like a 6-year old.  Right…..  That’s as realistic and functional as Palin’s ‘abstinence only’ programs.


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