Palin & Letterman

June 12, 2009 at 5:48 pm 1 comment

It wasn’t a very funny joke.  But c’mon…  Palin’s gonna milk it for every bit of spotlight it’s worth.  She wants an apology.  He gave her one, on the air. Along with an explanation.  The joke writers thought Bristol was at the Yankees game and they wrote a line in the nightly “Top 10” about her getting pregnant.  The line says “her (Palin) daughter” got pregnant at the game and while Bristol was implied, it turns out that Bristol at the game, it was one of the other daughters. 

So Dave says he’s sorry, that the joke was targeted at adults, that they should have said “Bristol” and not just “Palin’s daughter”, that he didn’t mean to point it at the other daughter, that he does not think jokes about kids are funny – that this was an accident (intent was for an adult) and he’s sorry for it.   The joke wasn’t even that funny and as Dave said, luckily they don’t have to go to the Hague to defend all of them.  Dave’s been doing the Top 10 lists for about 107 years and sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re not.  Did Dave come out wiping tears from his eyes during his apology?  No…it’s a comedy show.

One could take the apology and move on but in true celebrity fashion – Palin keeps that spotlight turned on.  If Sarh Palin doesn’t want the attention and pregnancy jokes, she should step away from cameras and microphones (and maybe she should teach her kids about both abstinency and birth-control).  She comes out boasting about how effective her abstince-only program is and how every school should teach it and every American should raise their kids using this method…and then her own daughter has to drop out of high-school and raise a baby on her own….it’s sets her up for criticism, much less jokes.


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  • 1. Jude  |  June 12, 2009 at 6:59 pm

    She has a right to defend her family. It’s the most watch Sarah Palin video ever — she blasts Letterman makes Lauer seem lightweight. Watch,


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