Firefighters, New Haven, & 4 Judges

June 4, 2009 at 8:27 pm 1 comment

The case was white people who didn’t want to give raises to other white people!  This is not even a story – not really (not a good one, certainly).  Here’s how our tale goes:

The city council of New Haven, which is 100% white, decided to throw away their test.  This pisses off all the mostly white plaintiffs (one plaintiff was Hispanic).  The mostly-white plaintiffs sue the city.  The court examines the case, determines that no laws have been broken, and rules in favor of the all-white city council.  The city does not have to give out the raises. 

The case is appealled and this time a panel of judges rules in favor of the city council.  At this point, 4 out of 4 judges have reviewed the case and found that no laws were broken. 

Now as a result, one of the 4 judges is “clearly a racist”, as the story is told by Republican writers, talk-show hosts, and bloggers.  Every time the ball doesn’t bounce their way, they’re playing the Race Card.  “Oh, it’s so hard to be white.  A white man can’t get a break.” 

Republicans and their racism….all the time. 

 The question to the court is “Does this city have the legal right to change its test and/or deny promotions”. If someone doesn’t have that straight, they’re either aiming to distort the truth, or they’re confused.

The ruling by the court was that by the law – as its written by the legislators: the city of New Haven did not violate any statutes.

  1. The city didn’t want to give them the promotion.
  2. The plaintiffs sued and the court said:  No laws broken.  The city has the legal right to deny the promotion.
  3. Next….In the appellate court, a 3-judge panel agreed with (1) the city and (2) the ruling by the first court.

This judge didn’t swoop in and deny promotions. The city pulled the test, the 1st court backed the city. Then a team of judges backed the 1st court, which backed the city. This is a non-story.  Republicans, you can go back to burning science books. 

Abigail Thernstrom seems to have mis-understood what the court was ruling on.  But as a member of the conservative think-tank American Enterprise Institute, it’s not surprising that she’s prattling on about how white people are losing power and other races are ruining America and how much better it was in the 50’s.


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  • 1. Americans  |  June 30, 2009 at 12:20 am

    You’re an idiot!


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