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Atypical Guy wrote about these bible quotes along with the introduction by the editor – pretty good stuff.  These are both short & quick reads: the Introduction and the Scary Bible Quotes

A preview of the introduction:

All of the hostile messages I have received about Scary Bible Quotes appear to be from Christians. If you genuinely believe the Bible is the word of God, you should be happy, not angry, that I am helping to spread the word of God. If, on the other hand, you think that my page is anti-Christian, then that seems to me a tacit admission that some of the statements in the Bible are so difficult to believe that merely reproducing a collection of them serves to undermine Christianity.


According to polls conducted in 2004, 82% of Americans believe that the Bible is the word of God,(2) and 55% believe that “every word of the Bible is literally accurate.”(3) But it seems to me unlikely that 55% of the country believe all of the assertions quoted on the Scary Bible Quotes page. So I think many people must be unaware of what the Bible actually says. (It’s understandable – who has time for reading books these days?) It seems to me that a look at these quotations would provide valuable evidence relevant to whether the Bible is in fact the word of God and whether every statement in it is literally true.

And why is that important?

For one thing, because people often try to use the Bible to answer such important questions as whether abortion is wrong, whether homosexuality is wrong, and whether humans evolved from apes. Before we rely on the Bible in this way, we need to assess whether it is actually the word of God, and how accurate it is in general.

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