Tom Henning Blows Calls

May 7, 2009 at 3:09 am Leave a comment

Referee Tom Henning gave the game to Barcelona.  I’m not sure if he got paid well or if he suffered a debilitating blow to the head earlier in the week,  but…that was terrible attention in the box.  In the 81st minute there was CLEARLY a hand ball in the box.  Even a child could see it.  As my young son said – “Even a hippo would know that was a handball!”.  In the 78th, Yaya Toure used his left arm to grab Anelka’s right arm, twisting him off the ball.  As Anelka shoook his arm free, Yaya Toure gave him a push.  Again, all of this is well inside the box.  And these two calls were within 3 minutes of each other!  In the 23rd minute, Dani Alves fouled Malouda and while Henning did manage to make the call, he called it outside the box when it was clearly inside the box. 

Henning’s lack of attention to the penalty box is a disgrace.  The worst call by far was the hand ball in the 81st. 

In May of 2007, UEFA president Michael Platini supported adding refs at each end:

‘I propose two more referees, who would be over 45 and would not have to run because they would stay next to the goals,’ the former France playmaker said.  ‘We have to show the world that we’re against unfairness and want to move towards fewer errors.’  Platini said he was against the use of electronic devices and video to assist referees. 


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