Chrysler…tsk tsk

November 15, 2008 at 5:24 pm Leave a comment

If the company executives have done such a piss-poor job of running the company that it is now going bankrupt, then by definition they should not be receiving “bonuses”.  In fact, if a bailout is given – the first requirement should be termination of top management.  Any bonuses that were promised are now cancelled (should be cancelled), just like they cancel pensions, shifts, and careers of those below them.  Chrysler Execs, you are pathetic – shoving Chrysler’s money in their own pocket with one hand and then trying to reach into the tax-payer’s pocket with their other hand. 

As for our tax dollars being used to replaced millions of undeserved bonuses??  F Chrysler.  Any bailout money intended to go there should be directed to people working at Chrysler in the form of training/education reimbursement, relocation reimbursement, or welfare/healthcare extension. 

We cannot allow businesses to run themselves poorly and then turn to the tax-payer to rescue them. 

Chrysler is asking the government for a bailout. It’s laying off employees and cutting salaries. It’s a company in trouble.

Oh yeah, it’s also paying $30 million in bonuses to dozens of top executives.

That’s the end result of a poorly-timed plan to keep Chrysler together as it was being sold. The company didn’t want top executives to leave during the transition, so it promised big money for people who stuck around. Now, Chrysler is asking the government for billions of dollars in aid while it writes million-dollar bonus checks out to A-list employees. How’s that for awkward?


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