Conservative Newspapers Publish Endorsements

October 18, 2008 at 3:00 am Leave a comment

Today 5 major papers from 5 major US markets announced endorsements for the presidential race.  The papers were from New York City, Washington DC, Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.  The Chicago and DC papers are nationally known as “Conservative” papers. I think you can see where this is going:

The [Chicago] Tribune’s editorial board is one of the most conservative in the nation, and the backing of Obama marks the first time in the paper’s history that they’ve endorsed the Democratic candidate for president.

The Tribune charges that McCain “failed in his most important executive decision” by choosing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, stating that “it’s clear she is not prepared to step in at a moment’s notice and serve as president.”

Riffing off McCain’s “Country First” campaign slogan, the paper charges that “McCain put his campaign before his country.”

In turn, they praise Obama’s choice for a running mate.

The conservative editorial board defends Obama’s politics and suggests that GOP attempts to paint him as a liberal are inaccurate. “We do, though, think Obama would govern as much more of a pragmatic centrist than many people expect.”


The Washington Post endorsed Democrat Barack Obama on Oct. 17:

… It is without ambivalence that we endorse Sen. Barack Obama for president.

The choice is made easy in part by Mr. McCain’s disappointing campaign, above all his irresponsible selection of a running mate who is not ready to be president. It is made easy in larger part, though, because of our admiration for Mr. Obama and the impressive qualities he has shown during this long race…

Mr. Obama is a man of supple intelligence, with a nuanced grasp of complex issues and evident skill at conciliation and consensus-building…

Mr. Obama’s temperament is unlike anything we’ve seen on the national stage in many years. He is deliberate but not indecisive; eloquent but a master of substance and detail; preternaturally confident but eager to hear opposing points of view. He has inspired millions of voters of diverse ages and races, no small thing in our often divided and cynical country. We think he is the right man for a perilous moment.

On the candidacy of Republican John McCain, the [Chicago Tribune] said it liked him but found him “hard to figure” on tax policy in light of the federal budget deficit, and termed his proposal to buy up bad mortgages “misguided.”

But it said McCain’s worst decision was to choose Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate, calling her unprepared to assume the presidency.


The Chicago Tribune and the Washington Post both endorsed Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama in their Friday editorials.

It was the first time the conservative Tribune had endorsed a Democratic presidential nominee; but the paper expressed its confidence in Obama, saying it has, “tremendous confidence in his intellectual rigor, his moral compass and his ability to make sound, thoughtful, careful decisions.”
The Post said Obama “has a sophisticated understanding of the world and America’s place in it.”

The Post cited Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin as a running mate as one reason why the paper chose to endorse Obama. The Tribune agreed saying, “McCain failed in his most important executive decision.”

On Friday, Obama was also endorsed by the Los Angeles Times and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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