What’s Not to Love

September 12, 2008 at 8:25 pm Leave a comment

What’s not to love? 


·         The Economy is a total mess

·         The Fed bailout of Freddie/Fannie helps Communist China but doubles the US debt and leaves taxpayers on the hook. 

·         The war is sucking up billions of dollars of real money (the people involved in this are cashing ‘real’ checks for ‘real’ money) and costing thousands their livelihoods and their lives (Over 4,000 since “Mission Accomplished” day).  Honor the troops

·         Global warming is getting worse and the USA is the only modernized country not participating in the Kyoto protocols.

·         The Taliban (the ones who were really involved with 09/11 by protecting Al-Qaeda) are back in power and Bin Laden hasn’t been a priority since Bill Clinton tried to kill him.

·         The quagmire has left us unable to fight effectively in Afghanistan or to posture against Iran or Russia (or anyone else)

·         According to actuary tables there’s a chance McCain dies in the next 4 years and the proposed VP – 1 ½ year leader of the 47th most populous state is completely unprepared to manage the entire country and face global leaders and international threats.  The hockey-mom who became president is good in a Disney movie but terrifying in the real world.

·         Palin believes global warming is a joke, believes rape victims should be charged for their own medical exam,  believes that parents and churches don’t teach religion well enough and the already burdened school teachers should teach religion (regardless of your family’s religious beliefs).  Palin’s husband is a secessionist who was a member of an anti-American party of nearly a decade.  Palin participated in the party’s 2008 convention. 

·         The national debt has reached record highs and just jumped 5 trillion to bail out Fannie/Freddie (who paid their CEO’s millions over the past 2 years).

·         The federal government is running record deficits.

·         Health care is increasing at 10 times over income

·         College tuition is increasing at double the rate of inflation

·         Highest food inflation and lowest Consumer Confidence Index since George H Bush was president.

·         Unemployment is rising

·         The dollar is weakening

·         …All while big businesses are setting record profits

·         Federal laws (FISA), Constitutional protection (Habeas Corpus (Article 1)) and Global treaties (Geneva Conventions) are being broken with the authorization and support of the highest levels of government

·         We have admitted to and defended the use of torture

·         Undercover CIA agents have been exposed (for showing the White House deceit regarding WMD)

·         Bush flew to Arizona to eat birthday cake with McCain while on TV we watched a city drown

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