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Thin Film Solar Panel

Thin Film Solar Panel

DayStar Technologies DSTI is attempting to elminate the two barriers to the big panels: $$ and looks.  They’re risky – but on the upside, they’re one of the early guys with Thin Film solar panels.  Thin film is avoids the higher cost of silicon (currently in limited supply), and is not as visually unappealing (Panels are embedded into the roof tiles instead of a big eyesore on the roof).  More:

Seems like there are a lot of players in the solar market. For the industry as a whole, it’s going up – but the individual companies in the industry?  Some will have to go!  The big solar companies like STP and FSLR might be less volatile – but as far as a cheap-ass stock…DSTI is interesting and its smaller size will allow it move quicker.   

Another roll of the dice is WorldWater & Solar Technologies (WWAT.OB)- a penny stock.  Another a high-risk stock, but…for less than a $1 it’s worth a look.  They’ve just completed the largest solar airport install in the US, are breaking ground on a project in New Jersey and just signed another in California. 

There’s also a SOLAR ETF and a WIND ETF that are both around $23 right now.  These invest in the entire industry so they’re less risky. 

Solar ETF is TAN
Wind ETF is PWND

Intel, IBM, and National Semiconducter are also moving into the solar industry.  When companies if this move in, results will follow.  

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