Pay-to-Use, a Great Idea

July 12, 2008 at 5:42 pm 1 comment

Pay yourself for your own stuff?  A handy trick to save to your slush fund or emergency fund, and a way to reduce waste!  Here’s the bit – if you went to see a movie, you would pay someone $8.  With Pay-to-Use, you pay yourself a dollar for each hour of TV you watch at home.  If you didn’t use your washer you would pay a couple of bucks for each load of wash.  With this you pay yourself a dollar (or whatever amount you want).  Just put a small jar by the washer, TV, whatever and pay it each (and every) time. 

You can buy a cheap little box for a 2 or 3 bucks.  Or reuse something.  We took some spray-paint and stickers to an empty bread crumb cylinder, it’s the perfect size.  We’ve been using it like a swear-jar for electricity.  Leave a fan on, or leave your stereo on when you leave, and you put a quarter in the jar.  Leave a door open in summer – drop a quarter.  These things were mainly for kids, but the pay-to-use bit works for kids and adults.  And paying a dollar or two is easier than messing with coins. 

A second effect…you may find that you’re being a little more conscious about your usage, too.  Maybe the washer or dishwasher should wait until it’s closer to being full?  Maybe 4 or 5 hours per week less in front of the TV?  The best part is that you are paying yourself.  Downside?  None.’Pay-to-Use’-Helps-You-Save-Cash;_ylt=AmEH_Mq14aia77fxRTvzl5xO7sMF


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