FBI: Good Job!

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A new report from the Justice Department was released today. 

Regarding torture: When Pasquale D’Amuro (A.D. Counterterrorism) found out that the CIA was implementing torture as approved “at the highest levels” – he pulled the FBI agents from the location.   According to the new report:

His exact words to Mueller (FBI Director) were ‘we don’t do that’ and that someday the FBI would be called to testify and he wanted to be able to say that the FBI did nto participate in this type of activity.” 

Mueller agreed with D’Amuro and issued what became a “bright line rule” barring FBI agents from participating in CIA and military interrogations involving such methods.

Highlights from this article are below:


Fine’s report documents that numerous officials and agents at the FBI were deeply troubled by the interrogation methods that were being used against some Al Qaeda detainees captured after September 11. They questioned their effectiveness and raised repeated objections to them, warning in some cases that the use of such techniques would trigger investigations by Congress and interfere with attempts to prosecute the detainees in military tribunals (warnings that turned out to be prophetic).

At first, the report states, two FBI agents were permitted to question Zubaydah, assisted in his treatment and developed his trust, using the bureau’s traditional “rapport-building” techniques of interrogation.  This soon led to a breakthrough in which a newly cooperating Zubaydah identified a photograph of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as the operative known as “Muktar” who was the mastermind of the September 11 attacks.

But within a few days, CIA interrogators showed up on the scene, dismissed what Zubaydah was giving the FBI as “throw-away information” and began aggressive new interrogation techniques. 

Pasquale D’Amuro, then the FBI’s assistant director for counterterrorism, ordered the FBI agents on the scene to return home rather than participate in such methods. He also took the issue to FBI Director Robert Mueller. In an interview with Inspector General Fine’s  investigators, D’Amuro “stated that his exact words to Mueller were ‘we don’t do that’ and that someday the FBI would be called to testify and he wanted to be able to say that the FBI did nto participate in this type of activity.”


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