Gas Tax Holiday

May 14, 2008 at 10:49 pm Leave a comment

McCain and Clinton, if you want to keep rolling out bits & gimmicks you should go ahead and put on a clown-suit and start handing out coupons for free ice cream.  Or set up tables and give away water bottles for votes, a la Citibank with its credit applications.

But in some places Idiocracy has taken hold and there are people cheering this on.    The gas tax “holiday” (close my eyes and shake my head) is 18.4 cents per gallon.   The National average for gasoline usage was 8.5 gallons/week in 2007.  That’s a savings of one dollar and fifty-seven cents.  If you increase that by 350% — say you’re using 30 gallons a week: You will save all of $5.52.  

If the falsely adjusted price results in higher demand, then the laws show that if supply is the same and demand increases…price goes UP.  So you might only save $4 per week.  Meanwhile, the government will lose an unbelievable amount of revenue.  $4 or $5 doesn’t help anyone, but the combined revenue it generates helps to pay for things like teachers – who can teach people about economics – which is desperately needed.

We’re already spending much more than we have, and borrowing from commies and arabs at a dizzying pace.  The last thing we need is to sell more pieces of America to our lenders.  Nor do we need to cut spending on [fill in the blank] so that we can get $5 a week for 10 weeks.  


National Weekly Gas Usage:
Gas Tax: &


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