Church & State?

April 30, 2008 at 3:56 pm Leave a comment

Girl, 6, thrown on fire for being ‘lowest class’

Want prayer in school, intelligent design, and other mergers of church & state?  Try Afghanistan where women aren’t allowed to read or go out after dark.  Try out India and enjoy that theocracy: 

 A man [late teens], incensed that a 6-year-old girl chose to walk through a path reserved for upper caste villagers, pushed her into burning embers.

Hindus believe there are five main groups of people, four of which sprang from the body of the first man.  Dalits are considered so low in the social order that they don’t even rank among the four classes that make up the caste system.

“Dalits are seen to pollute higher caste people if they come in touch with them, hence the ‘untouchables,’. If a higher caste Hindu is touched by, or even had a Dalit’s shadow fall across them, they consider themselves to be polluted and have to go through a rigorous series of rituals to be cleansed.”


I’m happy I was born into your relatively nice life here, b/c I could have been born a Dalit. 

Teach your kids religion and faith at home, that’s YOUR job.  The state should not be teaching children about faith and spirituality.  


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