Review: Blackberry Curve

April 26, 2008 at 1:36 am Leave a comment

The Blackberry Curve (8320) is awesome!  I’ve had it for several months – it’s close to perfect compared to what’s commonly available today.  Compared to previous generations, here’s what it adds:

  • WiFi – This is phone is capable of Voice over WiFi.  You can use a wireless Internet connnection instead of a normal cell signal.  This has 3 benefits: (1) Those who are frequently in areas with a poor signal, like rural or mountain areas – or maybe you just have a bad signal at home.  (2) Those who travel internationally can avoid international roaming charges by using a WiFi connection. The T-Mobile branded D-Link router is tiny, easily slips into a suitcase so you can even bring your own router. (3) For $10, you can get unlimited Voice over WiFi use – great for those who use the phone a ton while at home (or near a hotspot). 
  • A ball (pearl) instead of a wheel that allows movement in 4 directions.
  • A camera.
  • An MP3 player (buy a 2 GB micro-SD card for about $20).
  • A standard 3.5 mm headphone jack.  This is the same size as all the other headsets made since about 1980 – same size as your MP3 player/iPod. Finally!! 
  • Video player (haven’t used this yet). 
  • Additional side buttons that are fully customizable.  This is great – allows you to jump through other applications (like alt-tab), return to the home screen, jump to your inbox, activate the camera, etc.
  • Voice Dialing. 
  • A full keyboard in a small frame.  It’s much narrower than the other units with a full keyboard.  It’s not much wider than a 7100 (which doesn’t have a full keyboard) and its much thinner. 
  • Maps – you can pull up street maps for addresses in your phone.
  • Battery life is great. 

What’s the same:

  • Bluetooth.
  • Dominate email service.
  • Intuitive menus.
  • Several IM clients.
  • Yahoo Go! compatible

It’s not cheap – goes around $250 to $300 with activation, $300 to $350 with renewal, and  $400 to $450 for just the phone.  Prices will drop as the days go by, certainly by the fall of 2008 it’ll be about 1/2. 


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