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So the Cowboys are looking at trading for Pacman Jone’s. How much is he worth? Should they do it?

There should be no question his stock is low right now. How low, I’m not sure. I’m sure there are a bunch of teams who would have him if the price gets low enough. He’s got skills, so he’s not totally cheap. But his pension for trouble leaves even an optimist feeling like he can’t stay out of trouble. The Patriots are reportedly interested, which will keep his value from sinking too low. A mid-to-late first round pick, sure. A conditional 2009 late second round pick, OK. Some cash – fine. That’s about it – I wouldn’t break the bank and I wouldn’t trade many picks. If NE wants to trade away draft picks, let ’em.

Should the Cowboys do it? No doubt they need a corner. But he hasn’t even been re-instated so I lean towards ‘no’. How can you give up a 2008 draft pick for a guy who may won’t play if he gets arrested again? He’s a beating. He’s just as likely to get arrested before trainining camp starts as he is to stay out of trouble. How hard is it for a millionaire to stay out of jail for a couple of years? …I’ve got no sympathy for this and I fear getting stuck with a contract. My biggest fear is passing on a guy that could have helped this team – while Pacman is suspeneded after playing 1 game this fall. If it’s a favorable contract, meaning we don’t give up much and he agrees to forfeit some coin if he gets arrested…sure, take him.

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