Building yourself vs Cutting down opposition

March 14, 2008 at 3:13 pm Leave a comment

I like Hillary more than most other politicians.  But —- Compared to Barack, I like her much less.

I understand she has to keep her supporters involved in her campaign.  What I don’t like seeing is that she and her campaign has developed a pattern of attempting to build themselves by cutting down those opposed to her, more than building up her own message (as Obama does).
In this aspect, Keith is correct – she is campaigning like Barack is the Democrat and she is the Republican and her campaign advisers are slowing killing her chances. 

Dear Go Earth,

When we won Iowa, the Clinton campaign said it’s not the number of states you win, it’s “a contest for delegates.”

When we won a significant lead in delegates, they said it’s really about which states you win.

When we won South Carolina, they discounted the votes of African-Americans.

When we won predominantly white, rural states like Idaho, Utah, and Nebraska, they said those didn’t count because they won’t be competitive in the general election.

When we won in Washington State, Wisconsin, and Missouri — general election battlegrounds where polls show Barack is a stronger candidate against John McCain — the Clinton campaign attacked those voters as “latte-sipping” elitists.

And now that we’ve won more than twice as many states, the Clinton spin is that only certain states really count.

For all their attempts to discount, distract, and distort, we have won more delegates, more states, and more votes.

Meanwhile, more than half of the votes that Senator Clinton has won so far have come from just five states. And in four of these five states, polls show that Barack would be a stronger general election candidate against McCain than Clinton.


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